The Seventh Day

by Digress

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Demo. Recorded at Stuck on a Name Studios, Nottingham with Ian Boult.

Straight Edge.


released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Digress UK

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Track Name: Ascetic Ideal
Coven of decadence, a perpetual guilt, an eternal debt,
The purest resentment clad in 'good will', the guise of brotherhood,
Swathes of hopefuls crumble under the weight of ignorance,
One hundred more a victim to weakness of the mind.

Rotting token of the holy class casts a shadow of warning,
They seek dominion, salvation from themselves,
The rights to the soul of man and the ownership of a lesser being.

Alliance of the pitiful in desperation to escape this world, to denounce what only they have made ugly.

Kingdom of heaven: a platonic fear. The forests of old venerated no more.
Track Name: Rock of Sisyphus
I struggle to see the reason in convergence.
Efforts wasted and compassion depleted.

A solitude forced upon me that I have convinced myself a blessing.
Perpetual striving. Endless Toil. Rock of Sisyphus both bane and trophy.

Weakness prevails among the last men.
We welcome adversity.

Your undying will.
Track Name: Averment
Without hesitation I sacrifice my will to the undying cause.
My declaration of allegiance to an eternal power.

Enduring this social prison, serving to perfect our resolve in the face of iniquity.

Redemption through chosen bond. Shaped by a conscience without contentment.

As the weak perish in turmoil our spirit endures. Infallible claims of the ethical suspended as we drown in the sea of uncertainty. I know we are on our own.